16m x 14m
Acrylic and golden spray paint on wall.

UPEA festival
Jyvaskyla / Finland

Before I finally got to Finland for this one, three cities involved in
the festival didn't agree for my participation without even asking to prepare
the project first...
The only city that agreed was Jyvaskyla, giving me permission to paint the
building that is going to be thorn down in next 4 years...
That brought me to the idea of vanishing. Of time lapse.
I used the golden spray paint that evaporates very quickly with the air.
In around 5-6 months it is going to be gone revealing the Matt layer behind.
I liked it to be a metaphor of passage of the time.
Nothing is eternal and very often we cannot properly judge the situation when
it's happening because we are missing the distance. The whole scene.


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