education system
Mural done for 'Street Art Doping'
in cooperation with 'Do Dzieła' Foundation.
Photos: Sepe and Maciej Kruger
Text below: Sasha Bogojev (Street Art News)

Warsaw / Poland

Mural is a bitter commentary on crisis of general values.
Highly visible not only in Polish, but also worldwide media,
this occurrence creates a state of global tension and feeling of threat.
Using the metaphor of a puppet theater,
Sepe draws attention to the “rhetoric of war” present in the world of politics,
media, and social life.
This situation results in “forced solutions over dialogue and debate,
fist as the final argument in any discussion,
rifle instead of outstretched hand and walls instead of bridges.”
Painted with very limited color palette and using a simple,
yet powerful light effect, the finished piece is standing out
as a great warning within its surrounding.


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