narcissus paradise
Acrylic + mirror-like foil on wall.

During 2017-2018 Barcelon based Metric Market invited 7 different artists for #7ways2love project.

7 Ways 2 Love is an interactive urban art project curated by Bizzarre magazine showing the different perspectives of what love is.

I was honored to take part in chapter 3: Narcissism

Desislava Staneva (curator):

"Narcissism - love to ourselves, to us, to us and nothing else than us.
Do you see yourself in the mirror? You are just reflection of what you chose to be and how you would like to be seen.
You get excited from your new look, you have constant orgasms from having new likes in the social media, from being the center of attention of from the possibility to be adored, to be on the top of everything, to be like a king.
Look yourself in the mirror and say hello to your ego, maybe your real love is still locked somewhere in there".

Event took time on 22.11.2017 in Metric Market, Barcelona/Spain


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